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Oh lets PS2 and a PSP Title up on trial

Ghost Reacon: Advanced Warfighter for the PS2
This games graphics are pretty damn good to tell the truth, and the gameplay serves well too. I don't have much to say about this, because it's pretty streamlined. You walk into an urban setting, in Mexico City, Mexico, and shoot peopl. There's not really any other path to take. You see them, you pretty much have to shoot them. That's what I don't like. You do get a teamate to order around which adds some tactical strategy to this game but not enough. Sounds are fair but I've heard better (gunshot wise). But i recommend it.
Graphics- Some of the best I've seen on the PS2 apart from FF12 (ok on some parts GRAW is good, but the railroad mission sucks)-4/5
Sound- Pretty good, but i've heard better. The voice acting is pretty damn good, but the gunshots could use some work- 3/5
Replaybility- the only replaybility is the Surivial and online multiplayer modes. The story mode doesn't change- 2/5
Gameplay- It's good, but linear- 3/5
Overall- Good game, but could be better- 4.5/5

Metal Gear AC!D 2 for the PSP
This game packs alot of fun into a little disc. The graphics are very, very good on the PSP, I really appreciate the cel-shaded look. But on some of the SolidEye theater movies, the graphics are excatly like MGS3 for the PS2, the same exact movies to be exact. You play thr game with crads instead of the normal run and gun or sneak and hide MGS. It has to do with a lot of strategy, brains over quick reflex. I enjoy that. Late in the game you do get a partner, but thee game is short. Short and sweet. over 500 cards and some awesome unlockable movies of MGS3. I like the variation of how you can play, u can run-and-gun or you can hide and sneak, but there's no instant kill moves from behind. There is melee though, and a sweet array of weaponary. And you can play it in 3-D! Even though you'll look like an idiot with that thing on your PSP. Great game, great price, great buy.
Graphics- Some of the best on the PSP on some parts- 3.5/5
Sound- Well, there's no voice acting, the guns are kinda nyahh, but i love the classic classical MGS music- 3/5
Replaybility- The only replaybility is the Arena mode (you battle Vamp and Liquid Snake) and the link battle, but you need a friend with a PSP and this game for linking- 2/5
Gameplay- GREAT! AWESOME! LOVE IT!- 5/5
Overall- Pretty damn good in my opinion, even with it's weak points- 4/5

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