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Censorship. You ever thought about it. The fact that you're not seeing everything, only what They want you to see. They, you ever thought about They. Not the word they, but They. The goverment, the ESRB, your parents if your still young. They... the people removing things from your life to 'make it better'. But from my stand point, my parents don't really block things out of my life. I mean yeah, they don't let me do drugs or alchahol duh, but they let me say wat I want and watch wat I want. Why not? I'm gonna see it sometime anyway right? But I'm off track that's not what I want to talk about. Censorship. Yes, censorship. Why? Here's how it goes, a movie producer takes their taped movie into the ESRB. They stack the tape on others and wait. In a couple of months They get to that tape. Then They put the tape in and watch it taking out ever fuck, damn, hell, political comment anything that is even half derogutory towards someone or something. Or any word, WORD, that is looked down upon. If They feel nice They leave a couple of these WORDS in and rate it R if not BAM! There you have a tore up movie and the producer has to tape more parts to improvise and then spend millions more releaseing an unrated version. Why take parts out? The director and writer and producer they all have this image in their head they release it and then the ESRB takes it and shoots it, blows it up, disemembers it, drowns it and then gives it back in a body bag. I say give a warning and let it be! Isn't art expressing your opinion? And isn't film, play, writing, music all forms of art? And if They remove so many parts from one of these forms of art all of the I hate George Bush's, then where's the opinion? I just got done reading Farenhiet 451 by Ray Bradbury on I quote two sections from the footnote,
"When I finished this novel I sent it to a publishing company and the looked at and in 1966 release an edition, fully censored. This is very ironic if you ask me. A novel about censorship being censored...... I found Linda Del Ray and gave her the novel she looked at it and the future edition will be released with damn and hell where they belong..."
That's was in the 60's and 70's, nowadays, censorship is everywhere. Radio stations can't play a song that swears, but can play songs about sex (I'll get into that one later). We have the First Amendment Freedom of Speech. Now if I'm right doesn't the word 'speech' include verbel speaking but also writing, play, film, song, drawing, any kind of art or any other way to express your opinion? So now may I ask why the hell are we being opperessed in that right? So now the goverments counterdicting itself. You know what I say, I say what the fuck. What the fuck and Why? They say kids shouldn't be exsposed to that kind of material that's why. I say I bet and least 1/10 of the audience reading this is a child. And this is that kind of material. Walk into a Burger King, you'll hear swearing. Or maybe Ponderosa. So why censor movies? Because that reduces the material they see? Yeah, i bet, INTERNET! The internet is becoming censored, the net is supposed to be like the world. Then again the world is becoming censored. Censorship in too many places and my closing statement if I may. Tell the people because damnit, they need to know.
Black man or white woman for president. You know this is contrevertisal and I'm gonna piss peopl off but I say... black man. A woman, or Hilary Clinton, isn't aggresive enough, I mean, Grahnholm screwed up Michigan, and that ended my trust in having a woman president. I'm not sexist! But wars happen and presidents need to be aggresive to not back off. So umm... well have fun?



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